Inbar Davidovitz and Liat Avni at the Globes IT Woman's Day Roundtable
Discussing women's success in the Israeli high-tech world

Gal Ofri, CTO of Taldor Communications, at a roundtable on cyber trends and challenges for IT News
"Ransom attacks demonstrates well how cyber security is primarily a matter of professional service, rather than a suitable protective product. It is important to make the customer know his organization well in terms of cyber risks and weak points. A professional and close service includes a response team and proactive service that can significantly reduce penetrations success"

Taldor is doing good on good deeds day
Taldor's BPO division, contributed to the good deeds day at the Sinai Special Children's School in Ramla

Saar Ram was appointed Director of Outsourcing and Application Operations
Ram has filles a a variety of positions at Taldor for the last 11 years, such as: management, business development and sales.Before that he served as Director of Operations and Control at Cellcom

The 2017 IT AWARDS by People and Computers smiled this year at the IT giant Taldor. The company has won no less than five prestigious awards. In addition, Nati Avrahami, CEO of the company, received a tribute to Taldor's great contribution to the industry

Today, more than ever, The "C" is merging with the "IT"
"Technology wise, we see communications and computer systems operating together. At the employee level, in three years time, I predict there will be fewer divisions in the computer units. There will be experts in their fields, but they will work together," said Boaz Yehuda, VP Taldor, Head of Taldor Communication

Purim Carnival at Taldor
Purim party 2018 for Taldor employees. About 600 of the company's employees, who came from all over the country - dressed in costumes, of course - enjoyed drum shows, human beatbox, light and sound performances and a performance by the cover band Rockville

Dr. Nili Naveh, VP Business Development Taldor Communications, at a Globes IT roundtable
Discussion on Data Center: "Today the IT world is going in a direction where it's fixed spending budget will be zero, I will buy according to what I need at that moment, according to usage, that's where the world is heading"

VP and Head of Taldor Communications, Boaz Yehuda, in a special interview in the Tiger's Lair
"The first thing I noticed were the employees, who had the ability to foretell the future and adapt Taldor to the market - much more than most of its competitors. By doing so, Taldor manages to remain relevant in a constantly changing world"

Holon Institute of Technology and a delegation from the Azerbaijani Academy, visited Taldor
A delegation of about 10 people visited the offices of Taldor in Holon, including the president of the Institute, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, other senior members of the Institute of Technology and professors of engineering and sciences from the Azerbaijan Academy. The delegation was received by senior officials from Taldor - Nathan Friedchai, VP of the Systems Group and Gal Ofri, CTO of Taldor Communications, and received an explanation of the nature of the company, its vision and areas of activity

Chen Biber has been appointed VP of Sales at Taldor Communications
Biber has 25 years of experience in the IT industry, in sales and management roles. In the past eight years he has held several positions at Taldor Communications, including Sales Manager and the Manager of the Hybrid Division

Sales Forum 2018
Taldor recently held its annual Sales Forum. The Forum was held at Ella events in Ness Ziona, where TED lectures were given by sales representatives. In addition, a dynamic action game was held and the employees enjoyed a festive dinner.

Taldor CEO - Nati Avrahami, in a special interview on smart cities for TheMarker
Smart cities are a fait accompli. The transition from a traditional city, as we know it, to a smart and sophisticated city is already taking place, so why are there difficulties and delays on the way, and how can we overcome them?

Taldor's Marketing Manager, Limor Reznik, at a Globes IT roundtable, talks about the implementation of business strategy in the social media
"Good marketing managers first need to do their homework, understand what is needed and apply it in a way that will show real ROI for the entire organization. Just opening a Facebook page might have been good enough at the beginning of social media, but it's definitely not good enough today".

Boaz Yehuda was appointed Head of Taldor Communication
Yehuda has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech world, with an emphasis on the computer and communications industry

The Next generation solutions in the world of cyber, will be tested according to their ability to detect zero-time attacks
At the cyber security conference, held by Taldor communications and Cisco, the new cyber world systems, intended to address the threats of today and tomorrow, were exposed. All the details in Avi Weiss's article

Taldor buys Israeli start-up Spectrory for approximately 15m NIS
Spectrory, founded in 2013, develops software products and manages complex projects, and its customers include Google, Microsoft and Cisco

Keren Bazini-ganon, recruitment manager at Taldor, in an interview for the program "Just a Question" at the Broadcasting Corporation "Kan"
Keren describes the diversity of employment at Taldor and the importance of recruiting diverse populations

Taldor summarizes the year 2017
Watch the video ot the year

Taldor's welfare manager, Avital Sharon, in a special interview with HRUS
Talks about the year that ended and the big plans for 2018

CEO of Taldor - Nati Avrahami - In a special interview with the Israeli high-tech book of "Haaretz"
Summarizes the year, explains the innovative differentiation values that organizations adopt and how it relates to the company's comprehensive activity and the added value that its employees give to customers

Nati Avrahami - Taldor's CEO - Summaries 2018 in a special "10-online" interview
In 2018, the high-tech industry will continue to be an economic leverage for the country, but we must not forget the older populations. "Among our employees in Taldor, you'll find people of all ages" says Avrahami. "We are always looking to recruit quality personnel who are looking for a long term home"

The Year of the Big Bang of Virtual Currencies
Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor, sums up 2017 with the phenomenon of the year and personality of the year

Taldor and "Carmei Yeda" are proud to present: Deep Learning-based training
This activity is another layer in the diverse solutions world Taldor offers its customers, thus helping them leverage their work and better develop the knowledge and career of their employees. This is based on the understanding that the secret of business success lies in the construction and accessibility of knowledge through advanced learning solutions based on learning capsules, hybrid learning, videos and online learning.

Taldor Donated to the "Little Steps" Foundation, for Hanukkah
The Foundation helps children with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. The contribution of Taldor's employees will help advance the organization's goals to improve the quality of children's lives and to provide breakthrough treatments for them.

Taldor integrates Safe-T information security solutions in a leading insurance company
The information found in insurance companies in general includes sensitive information of various types, and therefore this information must be protected against leakage or unauthorized use. SDT Data's SDE product is designed to provide a secure system for transferring files, e-mail, and integration of security mechanisms for scanning sensitive information, thus enabling insurance companies, business partners, policyholders and others to secure a platform for the use of this information

Taldor successfully combines Data Center and cloud
"We are preparing new platforms as Cloud Ready. If the CIO wants to implement a new platform with traditional licensing, we can do it and be ready to migrate to the cloud, we know how to build it - this is our greatest advantage we have over the market" - Eldar Rotter, Head of the hybrid division, in an interview for Leaders Magazine

To be Relevant
An Interview with Dr. Nili Naveh, VP Business Development and Strategic Projects, Taldor - For Globes IT

The Hidden Challenge of Autonomous Vehicles - an interview with Nati Avrahami for "Davar Rishon"
It's only a matter of time before we see cars driving on their own. This is an important and vital technological development, and now it is also inevitable, but the moral issue has not yet been answered - how will the vehicle make a fateful decision at critical moments?

Taldor's CEO - Nati Avrahamy - reveals the 5 golden rules for great management, in an interview for Walla! NEWS
"As someone who managed large operations, I was privileged to experience the business world rather well, and I discovered that the best thing is to act in accordance with golden rules, that constitute a solid foundation for my work"

Taldor will implement Trend Micro security components in the government
The project scope estimated in 5 million NIS ● The first two ministries in the project are the Ministries of Health and Transportation

Taldor walks into the cloud in the safest way - with the hybrid Division
Watch the video with Eldar Retter, CEO of XGLOBE and Director of the Hybrid Division and Ofir Zvik, CTO, the Hybrid Division

All you need to know about EMV standard,and how it affects your pocket
A fascinating opinion piece by Nir Ben Eli, VP Sales and Business Development at Taldor's Managed Services Division

Taldor won a contract for the Ministry of Transport, valued at 90 million NIS
The contract, construction and operation of the system for practical tests required to obtain a driver's license, is for a period of three years

Taldor won the Cisco Excellence Award
Israeli pride at the Cisco Global Partner Event held recently in Dallas, USA: Taldor won the Cisco Excellence Award, for Outstanding Partner of the Year for High-Tech and Industrial Clients in the EMEAR region

Raphy Asher, Taldor's VP of Business Development, at a Globes round table
Is interviewed on the subject of smart applications and reveals some interesting insights

Taldor will provide Haifa Municipality with a new and advanced CRM system
The system - Microsoft Dynamics CRM - is currently in operation. Project estimated scope: 200,000 NIS

Yom Kippur eve: Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor, in a special interview for Globes
Nati Avrahami, reveals to Globes the decisions he regrets he didnt take, as part of the Yom Kippur Introspection

The hardest job in the company, that you dont know about
Ronit Pavel, vice president of human resources at Taldor Communications, in a touching interview for Calcalist

Ronen Amsalem, from Managed Services Division, in a special interview for Nana10
Ronen Amsalem - Software and Products Manager - talks about his path to success at Taldor, in a special Rosh Hashana edition of Nana10

The new jewish year is the year of Data Science
Natan Friedchay, vice president of systems group in Taldor, in a fascinating opinion piece with forecasts for the new jewish year

Taldor employees volunteers for Rosh Hashanah 2017
Taldor employees, from Systems Group and Managed Services divisions, volunteered in "Leket Israel" activities. The harvested products will be transferred to about 200 families by Rosh Hashana eve

The government real estate website, developed by Taldor, won second place at a contest held by the Information Technology Bureau in Israel
The competition was also held this year to select the best organizational project. Dozens of projects, from the leading organizations in Israel, have been submitted. The professional level was very high and the panel of judges, headed by Ms. Naomi Abramson, worked days and nights to select the best projects. The government real estate website, as stated, won second place

For whom is the Internet a foreign language and who speaks it as a native language?
Nati Avrahami, in a special interview for the "CEO Forum" of Globes IT, answers it all

With Taldor and the senior customers at the brewery
Taldor held an event for dozens of its senior customers at the brewery, and gave them a special surprise - Taldor Beer in an elegant branded bottle

Gal Ofri, CTO Taldor Communications, in a special interview for IT News
"Recently, we've encountered a case with our customer, a successful start-up company, that was suddenly charged $35,000 for cloud-based services per month. For those who have gotten used to spending around $10,000 per month, it's a disaster. Suddenly they discovered that our ability to manage financial risks of this type, along with our ability to build a cloud environment, a secure system and means of control, is critical for them - even in today's new era"

Taldor launches a computer system for clarifying Judaism in the rabbinical courts, for an estimated amount of 1 million NIS
The system for clarifying Judaism, which will serve 100 dayanim in decision-making to 5,000 requests per year, will significantly improve the service to citizens, enable transparency and simplify complex procedures

Gal Ofri, CTO Taldor Communication, in an interview for Globes
we need to stop taking the pink pill and start running. Integrators need to be hyper active, move more, change the conversation with the customers and always innovate

Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor, tells Globes about his latest vacation
"Due to heavy workloads, we could not go on vacation for a long time, so we decided that a holiday in neighboring Greece would do the job"

An event for Taldor's employees first graded children
Did you think that ice cream is just a refrigerant and sweet dish sold in ice cream stores? Think again! The children of Taldor's employess, who will go to first grade this year, recently met Gali-Da - a "molecular cooking" workshop

Taldor is the first company hosted in the new section by People and Computers - "Meet the company"
Read the interview with the senior management

Big Data Do's and Dont's
A few tips on what you should and should not be doing, when handling huge amounts of information. from Yossi Cohen, 3Base CTO, Taldor Group

Lior Maza was appointed Chief financial officer of Taldor's group
Maza is replacing Eyal Tuchman, Who has served as the company's CFO for the last 7 years

SAP's Disney World
We sent Taldor's employee - Ariel Monpo - to the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference and he returned with some interesting stories

Taldor is the company behind the Maccabiah technology
Watch Miron Scheuermann talks about it on an interview to the international Channel i24NEWS

Taldor Communication will market Dell-EMC business solutions in Israel
According to Tiran Levy, CEO of Taldor Communication, "The collaboration with Dell EMC is also expanding into the sale and implementation of all of its solutions and products"

Sanat Rao, CEO of Infosys-Finacle, represented in Israel exclusively by Taldor, opened the Fintech panel on Globes Capital Markets Conference
Rao was queted saying: "Banks must change, they simply have no choice. Those who will not move forward and adopt new technologies will be left behind. The good news is that everyone understand that, and is working to promote that direction"

Taldor leads the implementation of the CRM solution for the Maccabiah games
The Maccabiah will take place between the 4-18'st of July 2017, and through the Taldor solution will be able to manage the games and contestants in a large number of centers throughout the country. Watch an international interview conducted by ILTV news

In order to survive the hurling of FinTech - Banks need to combine old and new
Said by Sanat Rao, CEO of Infosys-Finacle represented in Israel exclusively by Taldor, at the FinTech conference held by people and computers

FinTech is the key conversation among European bankers
Sanat Rao, CEO of Infosys-Finacle, represented in Israel exclusively by Taldor, in an interview for Globes

Taldor CEO, Nati Avrahami, in a special interview for nana10
Special Project: entrepreneurs and high-tech professionals recommend books that influenced them

Taldor: Revenues increased by 6%; Net profit jumped by 41%
In the first quarter of the year, the company reported revenues of 205 million NIS and a net profit of nearly 6 million NIS

Private VIP event
As part of our long tradition of VIP customer meetings, our customers enjoyed private VIP movie show, accompanied by dinner and a lot of good vibes

"Shalhevet" System is on fire - Channel 20
"Night Economic" on Channel 20 was hosted by the Israeli National Fire and Rescue Authority, and demonstrated how the combination of skilled manpower and advanced technology saves lives

Taldor Communication will market ExBee solutions in Israel
Taldor Communications announced a strategic cooperation agreement with ExBee, which develops and implements advanced solutions for Cisco service center environments.

Dell EMC awarded Taldor Communications Excellence Award for Cloud and Data Center Solutions
At the annual Dell EMC Israel Partner Event in 2017, Taldor received an award for excellence in the field of Cloud and Data Center Solutions. The company awarded the award to partners who provided the widest range of solutions during the year And generated significant growth for the company

Gal Ofri was appointed CTO of Taldor Communication
New CTO at Taldor Communication

Calcalist - What do successful managers do during vacations and weekends
Taldor's CEO - Nati Avrahami - reveals how he spends his spare time in an article published in Calcalist

Big Data - TheMarker
Taldor is proud to lead the "Big Data" Special edition. Read the interview with our CTO - Yossi Cohen - on how to produce financial value from data

Telco 2017 Conference
Taldor introduces all the latest Contact Center solutions

Taldor presents at a smart cities conference in Eilat
As part of a CIO's and engineers conferences, Taldor presented its comprehensive solutions to Smart Cities

11 wins for Taldor at the STKI annual survey
At the annual STKI conference, the analyst company covering the Israeli IT market, Taldor won 11 Tier1 categories

Access Israel 2017
Taldor is proud to present - advanced accessibility solutions

BDO and people&computers awarded us as the best IT integrators in the fields: Outsourcing Services and Information Systems, ERP Implementers and CRM Implementers

Taldor launches: Assessment Master
At the EDUTECH conference, held by "people and computers", Taldor launched the advanced international system for computerized tests

Experience brings wisdom
Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor, presents Five fundamental principles for survival in the technological world

IT Awards2016
We thank our partners for many award winning projects together. We'd also want to thank the professionals at People & Computers for awarding us time after time. We will persevere our excellence in 2017, and promise it will be a year full of surprises and innovations.

Municipal IT Conference
"Smart City is required to permit functional continuity of the municipality and handling malfunctions. This field will be essential in the coming years and we are proud to provide a wide arrange of solutions" - said Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor, at the Municipal IT Conference

XGlobe implements Microsoft's cloud
The process was accompanied by preparations for the company's employees, who have been authorized to the Azure Solution Architects level and had business Training at Microsoft offices

Taldor implements the 'Maestro' system in Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
The system includes a rules engine tailored to the bank's security center and allows effective care for the many applicants

IT at the Shadow of the flames
"The information systems help us save lives," said Guy Hasson - Israel's Fire and Rescue Services CIO. In this interview he reveals how technology helps the fire fighters in their fight against fires

Accessibility with technological sensitivity
Access Israel conference sponsored by Bank Hapoalim - as a leading company in the distribution and implementation of accessible products to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities, we had the honor to take part in the conference.

An opinion article regarding Clinton's e-mails affair
By a senior product engineer in the cyber and information security division of Taldor

Taldor upgraded the communications systems at the Technion Academy in Haifa
After years of using the old infrastructure, the Technion transferred into the new and rapid communications networking system by Juniper

Artistic toast with Taldor
Daily Tzipi observed, and returned with photos

Taldor will distribute Cato Networks Services
ccording to Tiran Levy, CEO of Taldor Communication, "Now we can enable enterprises to profit from a fast and secured network"

Taldor Communication will distribute cloud products of DBS-H
The platform enables database conversion and increases the organization's ability to enter into the Big Data world without having to make any radical changes at first.

Taldor will distribute ComposeDoc EasyAccess PDF system
According to Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor, "The combination of this system and User1st, create an end to end solution that Taldor provides as the entry date of accessibility regulations in Israel approaches.

Portfolio - Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor
Would you like to know more about Nati Avrahami?

A smart cockpit for a smart city
Collection and analysis of information works just like the cockpit in an airplane. Smart cities collect and analyze information to support their decisions. Taldor offers intelligent systems for local authorities to collect and analyze geographical information. Together with integrative systems, they are part of our advanced technology solutions for implementing a "smart city" model, combined with IOT (Internet of Things) ".

An inclusive interview with CEO of Taldor, Nati Avrahami, and senior management team
Taldor's success secret, how to prepare for market trends and more

Taldor to distribute and implement Veeam's products
As part of Veeam's program for cloud providers, XGlobe, which was acquired by Taldor, will offer backup services, information availability and disaster recovery via cloud using Veeam

Taldor conducts a million Shekel project at Hadera’s power station
This is an Internet Of Things project, which began in early 2016 and is expected to be completed in the coming months

Taldor implements a smart city management system in Netanya Municipality
The system provides solutions to all city centers and handles thousands of calls. Project cost is estimated at hundreds of thousands of NIS

Shiri Maimon performs at Taldor employee event
Raising a toast with Shiri Maimon

High-tech companies and HIT team up to train the next generation in Israel
Taldor will mentor HIT students in their final projects in leading fields of the IT market. Natan Friedchai, VP Systems Group, Taldor: "We are proud to take part in training the next generation of engineers and developers"

X-Globe wins Dell’s award for excellence in the field of storage solutions
X-Globe was acquired by Taldor Communication at the end of 2015

Taldor Donated to the "Children with a chance" Foundation before the Passover holiday
The Foundation helps children who have no family support. This donation continues the company's tradition of contributing to the community

The best defense is prediction and prevention
by the Cyber Division of Taldor

Nati Avrahami, CEO Taldor: " 2016 appears to be positive for the IT market"
"I do not like the talk of importing foreign workers for the local high-tech industry," said Avrahami to People and Computers. "We should take action. I am personally active in academic and education circles, in order to change the current shortage of thousands of engineers"

Nitzanit Bar-Levy was appointed VP Human Resources of Taldor's group
New VP Human resources for Taldor

Taldor to exclusively distribute E2M products in Israel
The company develops voice, speech and speaker recognition products. E2M products have been implemented in companies and organizations in Israel’s public and financial sectors.

Taldor implements a management system in Meitav; Volume: 1 million Shekels
The project was carried out by the Software Development Department in Taldor Systems Group.. It included implementation of a computerized system for managing and mapping of Meitav’s entire water and wastewater infrastructure.

Taldor: Annual profit jumped by 29%; Revenues - almost unchanged
The company ended the year with a profit of NIS 27 million and revenue of NIS 800 million

Bank Leumi UK selects Infosys Finacle for online banking
Infosys is active in the financial sector in Israel and is a business partner of Taldor, a leading IT provider. in Israel

The law requiring accessibility of websites is already here!
According to Natan Fridchai, Taldor VP Systems Group, "As the leading distributor for User1st, an automatic accessibility product for Web sites, we immediately see the impact on the organizations implementing the system on their sites. There is a clear business advantage for organizations as the there is a significant market for the product.

Taldor leads self-service kiosks market in Israel through Wincor
Nati Avrahami, CEO of Taldor: We serve as the operational bridge between traditional banking and digital self-service

Taldor: Banks will invest around $ 400 million in self-service kiosks
Taldor operates approximately 25% of the ATMs and more than 80% of the self-service kiosks in the Israeli banking system ● The project should take about 5 years to complete.

Faster than sirens: IDF launches an alert application developed by Taldor
The new application, developed by Taldor in cooperation with Avigilo, provides instructions to the civil population, based on geographic areas, for dealing with earthquakes, emergency and general provisions, as well as on hand instructions for communities in areas close to conflict zones and are exposed to terrorist infiltration.

Taldor implements an accessibility solution for People & Computers' web site for the disabled
The project was delivered through User1st solution, an automatic accessibility product for web sites and applications for people with disabilities, according to Israeli GAAP

Taldor retains its lead
How does a company manage to lead a successful company in the computer field and changing high-tech industry for 30 years? Taldor, which developed into an end to end solutions supplier, provides the answer

Peoples and Computers announced the list of top CEOs in the IT industry
Nati Avrahami was chosen by Peoples and Computers as one of the top CEOs of the year in the IT industry

Teldor has received numerous awards at the " IT excellence Awards 2015 " of People and Computers
The company was awarded for its 30 -year contribution to the computer and high- tech industry and as an outstanding provider of six major projects ● Nati Avrahami , Taldor CEO : " We constantly focused on developing leading products on the market , while following the future and trends of computing and high-tech world "

Taldor buys cloud services company XGIobe

Nati Avrahami is the new CEO of Taldor

Taldor shows : an increase of 106 % in net profit in the second quarter
ompany revenues increased by 10.5 % over the corresponding period last year

Taldor's Board of Directors approves the appointment of Nati Avrahami as Chief Executive Officer

Taldor posts hundreds of percent jump in 2014 net income
The company’s 2014 fourth quarter net profit grew by over 600% year-on-year and the full year increase was 480%. This is a continuation of the growth trend in Taldor, in the third quarter, net profits soared 34-folds compared with 2013.

Arie Rimini, CEO, Taldor, on channel 2 news - Cyber ransom: How to deal with kidnapping of computer files
Ransomware phenomenon has been known for a decade, but only recently has personal computer users and small companies become a target. In recent months thousands of Israelis have discovered that hackers have taken over their computer files, lock them and demanded a ransom to restore them

Israeli parties have failed in their sites accessibility for people with disabilities
An analysis conducted by Access Israel Association and Taldor found that almost all of the sites do not support tools that help the disabled and those with various vision problems - despite the fact that Israeli disabled population is estimated at about one million people. "Yesh Atid" received the highest score

The internet belongs to people with disabilities as well
Accessibility standards sometimes sound like "other people's problem", but they serve a significant share of the population, much greater than is usually think

Taldor has made Leumi Card's site accessible for people with disabilities; Scope: half million NIS
The project was implemented under the amendment, which requires all websites accessibility. The integration was made with User1st solution, which allows quick and automatic adjustment of websites and web applications

The Internet of Things reached the waste zone
A unique wireless technology was attached to trash cans and garbage trucks in Holon, and allows better monitoring and control regaeding the city cleaning and trash pickup. The technology contrebutes to a better recycling process as well

Moti Mizrahi was appointed to VP Systems Development at Taldor
Mizrahi is in charge of the company's software development solutions, and their execution in multiple projects of all scales

Eyal Tuchman, Taldor: "The name of the game for IT companies is the right combination of expenses, with adjustments to the current state"
Companies need to adjust the operating expenses to the situation and choose the right strategy: add more product to the company's portfolio and leverage them over projects with fixed pricing, which are especially common in the government sector, "said Tuchman, CFO

Moti Mizrahi, Taldor: "The challenge is effective information management of the Authority"
The way to Smart City required the integration of its information to the Municipal IT, "said Mizrahi, director of Systems Development department of the company

Taldor: The launch of major projects Such as the Israeli Police and the Execution Department will be completed by the beginning of the year
The company will expand its portfolio of startup's solutions● In the interview for People & Computers reveals Rimini Taldor's main projects and talks about the positive change in the company

Taldor won the tender for the development of Government Maps Portal GovMap
The project scope of 5 million NIS includes the development and maintenance of the site for approximately 3 years. The new website will allow the public to receive location-based information and will allow mobile devices interface for public transport applications, routes, statistical information and elections information

Taldor implemented a Waste Control System in Givat Shmuel; Project scope: hundreds of thousands NIS
The new system is able to plan and oversee the process of city trash array by identifying the bins while picking them up and draining them into the truck, in order to control the route

All-time record results for Taldor in the third quarter of 2014
Third quarter net income was $ 7.1 million NIS. Operating income was $ 11.4 million NIS; An increase of 307% compare to the same quarter last year

Taldor to replace Bank Mizrahi Tefahot’s ATM network switch
The deal, which is worth millions of NIS, includes replacing the network switch software in cooperation with QSM, the provider company. The project’s timeframe is one year. This is the second system of its kind to be installed by the Bank of Israel

Taldor implemented an air cargo management IT system at Swissport; project scope is five million NIS
The implemented system, Spirit, serves approximately 120 users, and manages all necessary cargo procedures, including message management pertaining to goods import and export, customs release, courier shipments, cargo storage, inventory management and more

Establishing a Cyber Authority, by Arie Rimini, CEO, Taldor
Terrorism by all aspects

Event ahead | Mobilti – Believe in magic? You better get moving
The world is moving to mobile. It’s hard to avoid – it you’re not there, you don’t exist. Mobile responsive web content has become a necessity due to the increasing number of mobile users. Most responsive solutions cost a lot of money and take a long time to implement. As a result, organizations are deterred from making their existing web content accessible to mobile. Rather, they attempt to build a new website or simply delay the process. If only there was a way to customize all organizational content, as if using a magic wand, things would become a whole lot easier

Control returns to public transportation: based on electronic means
The companies Taldor and Milgam won the tender of public transportation control and will monitor together the bus lines in Israel ■ A GPS system will perform Bus detection and tracing

Taldor signs marketing, distribution and implementation agreement with ComposeDoc
Taldor CEO Arie Rimini stated that "the solution responds to the precise needs of our clients, as well as to increasing market needs. The solution is already in use within many large companies, including insurance and infrastructure companies, government organizations and more"…

The Critical Point of Defense
Most organizations invest in multi-layer protection or various anti-virus software, but these offer protection against only a small percentage of possible attacks ● Despite the fact that their organizations' underbelly is exposed, corporate managements are still not aware of the potential risks ● A special report

Watch now: Taldor's Shana Tova video
This year, Taldor decided to wish its employees, clients and partners a "Shana Tova" via a charming and lively video. Led by CEO Arie Rimini and a vivacious blue puppet, Taldor's employees were happy to lend a hand.

Taldor signs chief distribution agreement with Zuznow
Web applications for mobile have become a necessity, due to the vast and rising number of users surfing the web via mobiles. The platform combines automatic and manual engines; the automatic engine generates automatic 24/7 real time compatibility of all existing application html pages to screens of all sizes and various channels.

Taldor implemented backup and storage systems in the Lottery; Volume: Millions of NIS
The project carried out planning, implementation, training and maintenance of the systems. The project began in January and ended in the last few days

Taldor won a contract to supply FIBI, First International Bank of Isreal, 90 ATMs of Wincor-Nixdorf
This is a significant transaction in the ATM market in the past year

Taldor will distribute the User1st Web Accessibility product
The product, which was recently praised by the Prime Minister's Office, performs automatic actions, according to Israeli demands to meet accessibility standards and Internet service

HFC presents iOref: An alerts system for smartphones
The system dubbed iOref will provide the ability to send emergency alerts to smartphones, tablets and computers as well as allow a dialogue between civilians and the Home Front Command. Construction cost is millions of dollars

Taldor will distribute CRM solutions using Salesforce's cloud
The company will market, integrate and offer complementary products, to provide customers with a whole cloud solution as a One Stop Shop

Taldor deployed communication equipment of HP and Cisco in the National Police Training Center
Project Scope - hundreds of millions of NIS. The company is a subcontractor of the winner for ICT aspects of the National Police Training Center project. "Today the training of Israel Police is spread between twenty schools across the country. The new center will consolidate all the training, while thousands of police officers will study and train at one place", said Chief Superintendent Manny Benjamin, head of computer and communications in the Israel Police technologies Administration

The new face of Cyber Threat
By Tiran Levy, CEO, Taldor communication GlassHouse

Taldor communication GlassHouse will establish a Cisco Based layout at Fibi – First International Bank of Israel. Project scope is Millions of NIS.
The project is based on Nexus systems founded on broadband of 10GB and 40GB. It includes the construction of new LAN and WAN infrastructure, which will be incorporated into the secondary Data Center of the Bank.

Centerity awarded Taldor Communication GlassHouse with Platinum Partnership
This partnership is the highest rank a company can hold, and is being held by giant companies such as SAP and Cisco

Taldor communication Glasshouse upgraded the backup system in Visa Cal. Project scope is Millions of NIS
The project began in June 2013 and was completed recently. The project serves hundreds of employees of the credit card company

Taldor established a Geographic Information System in Meuhedet Health Services. Project scope is half million NIS
The project started in mid-2013 and its' first phase was completed last week. The system serves hundreds of employees of the HMO, and will later serve its' patients

Taldor communication GlassHouse will establish a new communication system at Excellence Investment House
The project scope is one Million NIS, based on Cisco equipment and includes hundreds of service users. In addition integration was made to link various information security systems of Excellence such as Firewall, IPS

Taldor and Fortinet won the IDF tender for Information Security. Project scope: tens of millions
The tender includes supply, installation and maintenance of network security systems of the IDF. Fortinet will provide the information security systems and Taldor will operate as the integrator for installation and maintenance

Taldor Communication Glasshouse upgraded communication systems in the Data Centre of the investment company, Meitav- Dash; Valued at 1 million shekels
The project was based on Access Systems and Cisco Nexus switches that provide support for high bandwidths and high reliability ● The project also included the implementation of F5’s load balancing product

The Methodology of Technology
Expansion of cyber threats, both on and off the net, requires a consistent collection of information from all possible sources in the organization, while questioning and systematic analysis to display the full intelligence picture. In response to the new threats offers Taldor, a leading integrator in the field of Cyber, combining intelligence methodologies, along with information security technology breakthrough and high capabilities in Big Data

Taldor has successfully executed a global project to implement SAP system in Camtek
The project is estimated at Millions of NIS. The system that was implemented in the project, carries out the financial and logistical activity, and supports the production and installation in a number of locations, including Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, USA, Belgium

IT Awards 2013
Again Taldor is the System Integrator with the highest number of winning projects in the competition

You haven't seen these yet: Original personnel ads
The competition for the hearts of quality job seekers leads companies to raise the bar of Ads. For example, a test painting or a giant riddle required for the submission of candidates to fill job applications. For Taldor video scroll to the end

mart Solutions for Information System Protection in Municipal authorities and other organizations
By Eli Sisso, Taldor Communication GlassHouse

Taldor Communication Glasshouse upgraded the IEC telephony infrastructure
The Cisco telephony infrastructure was upgraded to a capacity of 18 thousand branches in all IEC's facilities. The project scope is Millions of NIS.

Taldor Communication GlassHouse completed a project at the Technion
The project replaced the wireless wireline infrastructure of the Technion Medical School 17 floors building; projects scope - $ 1.5 million

Taldor won the tender of the Ministry of Education, approximately 110 Million NIS
Within the tender Taldor will provide technical and logistical services for test array of efficiency and school growth indices (GEMS), international tests, sample feedback national tests, shelf tests of internal school evaluation and more

Video: coolest job offer
Taldor is looking for employees, so instead of posting a dreary wanted ad they shared a cool video, which is a parody on "Bref" videos. And if working there is indeed as shown in the video, worth sending them a resume

Taldor will implement a computerized system for managing functional continuity in emergency and routine for the City Hall of Arad
This is a functional continuity system called "Maestro", developed by Taldor, which is the advanced of its kind in the field of command and control for municipalities

The New Cyber War: Synergy of Elite Units and powerful walls
Who has the answers to the most effective cyber defense? Large companies or start - ups? And perhaps the ideal solution is a combination of both?

The IT budget of the Maccabiah - more than 1 million ₪; TALDOR will perform systems integration and implementation
The system that will serve the IT system of the "Jewish Olympics", which opens in two weeks, is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. According to Miron Soirmn, CIO Maccabiah, the choice produces a significant reduction in proven all ICT spending of gaming and ensures an appropriate response to all requirements. TALDOR won the bid after beating on no less than 12 companies that competed in front of her

Taldor Developed a Business Intelligence System for the British JATO Dynamics
The data gathering robots developed by Taldor enable JATO Dynamics to automate the data gathering system in the automobile industry.

Disaster recovery - Now also in the cloud

Taldor won a government tender for creating a real estate database. Project scope: NIS 3 million
The tender is designed to create a geographical infrastructure for consolidating data from government real estate databases and is a key stage in the cloud infrastructure services (Rainbow Bean"n) project. The financial volume is the initial amount.

Time is Money: The Solution - Self Service
By Nir Ben Eli, VP Sales and Business Development, Managed Services Division at Taldor

Natan Fridchai, Taldor: "Hadoop enables organizations to handle types of information that could not be handled in the past"
Mr. Fridchai, VP, Systems Group, Taldor, stated in the first Hadoop conference in Israel, that "Pursuant to the considerable development in this field, we recommend that organizations apply insights and understandings reached throughout the world and accept numerous business insights"; he said that "Hadoop is the best platform for implementing insights and understanding and handle extensive data quantity versus any other platform".

Pini Mandel, CEO, 3Base, of Taldor Group: "Business is the motivation to assimilate Hadoop - Achievement of a Competitive Edge"
Mr. Mandel stated in the first Hadoop conference in Israel that "the common property of all Hadoop solutions is that they handle a range of information sources, both structured and non-structured and a considerable amount of data". He said, that through implementing such projects, "costs are decreased during the processing and analysis, and maximum flexibility is obtained". Ofir Cohen, LivePerson: "The project opened the ability to develop new products, based on the numerous cumulative data in our servers.

Pini Cohen, STKI: "Despite the obstacles, IT organizations will have to adopt the Hadoop technology"
"At present, the industry is learning to adapt to the new trends. The BI tools increasingly provide more support to Hadoop and the traditional service providers are learning to contain these abilities and provide whatever "Hadoop people" want", said Cohen, Vice President and Senior Analyst at the research company, at the first Hadoop conference in Israel. According to Cohen, "Hadoop technology changes business processes, yields saving and business agility. Once it overcomes the conservatives, it will grow in organizations.

In preparation for the first annual Hadoop conference in Israel
Quicklizard: Dynamic pricing, because each cent matters

Taldor Upgraded the Mapping at the Control and Command System of the Firefighting and Rescue Commission
The new system is quick, three dimensional and includes geographical abilities combined as an integral part within the information system "Shalhevet", which provide considerable improvement and efficiency to the operation of the emergency centers.

In preparation for the first annual Hadoop conference in Israel
Four common questions regarding Hadoop projects performance in Israel.

In preparation for the first annual Hadoop conference in Israel
Pini Mandel, 3Base, of Taldor Group: "In the last two years we implemented more than 15 projects in the Hadoop worlds".

Taldor - Trillium Conference: David Lushin, data quality guru: "Organizations that will not enhance data, will not survive"
Organizations are required reliable data, accurate and consistent, in part due to the Big Data trend and the financial situation", said Lushin, president of Knowledge Integrity. According to Lushin "all aspects in the data environment are strongly related to the business side of the organization; all it takes is to open the managements eyes to this link, and they will understand the importance of implementation of data cleansing projects"

The Biggest Source of Cyber Threats to Israel
Taldor CEO, Arie Rimini, in an interview for Bloomberg TV U.S. about information security and cyber terror - Part 2

Taldor donated 700 family meals for Passover
Taldor donated 700 meals for Passover to families in need on behalf of its customers and employees, as part of the extensive activities for the community and society it performs. The meals will be distributed to needy families across the country by the "Latet" Association.

Israel Is Now a Playground for Cyber Terror
Taldor CEO, Arie Rimini, in an interview for Bloomberg TV U.S. about information security and cyber terror

Taldor launched a new web portal of the Rabbinical Courts
The web portal, as well as the information portal of the Rabbinical Courts, have been developed as part of Shir"h (rabbinical jurisdiction), in which Taldor established a computerized management system for the Rabbinical Courts for about 18 million NIS

Taldor's CEO Appointed as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Information Technologies to the Faculties of Engineering at Shenkar
As required by this appointment, Mr. Arie Rimini will lead the activity of the Advisory Board, including reinforcement of the links between Shenkar and the industry

Taldor Completed a SAP Project at Puma Israel
SAP's ERP system, encompasses all the financial processes of Puma Israel, including orders, inventory management, logistics, supply, finances and more. The project amounts to hundreds thousands NIS

GovMap was launched - The Survey of Israel's maps web portal
Project scope: 5 million NIS. The portal Govmap.gov.il was develop in the last year and a half for The Survey of Israel by the GIS Solutions Group (Geographical Information Systems) in Taldor's Systems Group

Taldor Assimilated a Secured e-mail System at the Securities Authority in a Millions NIS Project
The system, developed by personnel of the Securities Authority and Taldor, will serve thousands of customers in hundreds organizations that maintain reporting links to the Securities Authority. The system will enable an authorized entity to access a dedicated site through a token and retrieve correspondence received from the Securities Authority. The system was named YAEL and will be launched on February 13, 2013.

Taldor's CEO: The Parties Fall Behind in Using Big-Data in the Elections
Arie Rimini: "In a situation of numerous parties and fierce competition for each voter, using Big-Data abilities to locate floating votes within a short time is an essential step".

Taldor Launched an Operation System of Eilat Port, in a Five Million NIS Project
In this project, Taldor assimilated a central operation system at the port, which manages all tasks and processes, according to the needs of the port and the requirements of the marine trade community. The system concentrates all the import and export processes, starting from receiving an anticipated arrival date of a ship and up to the release of the cargo to its destination. It also enables scheduling the work roster and calculating premiums to the operation employees. The system interfaces with all parties of the marine community and enables exchange of information, messages and starting tasks in real time.

How to well manage your projects?
Five golden rules for projects implementation that that march the organization forward and bearing great pride for the project team and system customers

Taldor provides a cloud based system for Intellectual Property Management to Ariel Company
Taldor will provide the company Ariel - a university research and development Ariel University Center - a cloud based system for Intellectual Property Management

IT Awards 2012
Taldor was IT provider with the highest number of winning projects in the 2012 IT Awards contest

Taldor Communications GlassHouse implemented storage and virtualization at Emek Israel college; scope: hundreds of thousands of NIS
The project included servers Union, established an infrastructure virtual environment based on VMware products and NetApp storage system. Also upgraded the communication system and established a disaster recovery site with a SRM configuration

New environmental hazard mapping interface launched
Taldor announced the launch of computerized geographical system (GIS) mapping web interface management and treatment of environmental hazards. The interface will be used by nine local and regional authorities in Israel, as part of a project "maintaining the groundwater" of Friends of the Earth and funded by the European Union

Taldor completed a CA system upgrade project
Support system that helps in locating and solving problems in real time, is installed on EL-AL computers. Its new version allows automatic routing of calls to repair teams. Project scope is estimated in hundreds of thousands of NIS

Maestro - the infrastructure conductor in emergency and routine
A unique command and control system for local authorities, called Maestro, which allows them to manage their infrastructure during emergencies and routine

"Trinity" applicative firewall - user, application and content
By Rani Kehat, Cyber Business Development manager, Taldor Communications GlassHouse

Taldor Communications GlassHouse deployed command and control and information security systems at Bank Yahav, scope: hundreds of thousands of NIS
The project established a system of Israeli Layers Access, which serves as a bouncer and as a gateway access to all the equipment authorized to connect to the bank, and prevents the connection of unauthorized factors and intrusion of malware to the corporate network. In addition, the project included implementation of Centerity control system

Taldor and Dor established Rabbinical courts portal. The project scope is half million NIS
The portal includes information about the Rabbinical courts and cases underway, and removes the need to reach the courts to get the information. It enables the portfolio management - including protocols, resolutions and motions – Online. The site was developed on Microsoft technology, based service-oriented architecture, SOA, and interfaces with information sources of the Rabbinical courts in a securely access, using digital signature and encryption of the message

Taldor will establish Givatayim Infrastructure Management System
The Givatayim water corporation, who serves 55 thousand inhabitants of the city, seeks to optimize the treatment in "wet" infrastructure of the city by using the geographic information system

The Next Age
Tiran Levy, CEO of Taltor Communications GlassHouse, talks about the day after the merger with GlassHouse, and unifies the telecomputer and communications infrastrucure

Taldor reinvents the IT
Taldor, one of the leading IT companies, adapts itself to the changing market, not only by smart acquisitions

Taldor Glasshouse Communications has implemented communication equipment at Mivtach Simon insurance company; the scope: one million NIS
The project involves the establishment of a computing layout and upgrade of the communication system at Mivtach Simon, an insurance company that is part of the Migdal Group. The financial scope is one Million NIS

Taldor Communication Glasshouse has implemented the TeleMed system at Maccabi Health Services in a huge project at a scope of Tens of Millions of Shekels
The system is assigned to narrow down the number of cases at which chronic patients are asked to leave their home environment in order to have tests done and receive medical instructions from their medical care staff. A first pilot of the system with a real patient was successfully executed yesterday (Tuesday). The project began approximately six months ago, and tablets are being installed in the homes of 500 chronically ill patients. By 2014 10,000 tablets will be installed in patients' houses.

3base of the Taldor Group joins Cloudera's partners program
3base of the Taldor Group announced today that it is joining Cloudera's partners program, the leading Hadoop solutions supplier in the world for Enterprises, which is based on the knowledge management program and partners program service provision solution.

Taldor Communications Glasshouse has implemented the NetApp storage system of NetApp in Assuta; the scope: hundreds of thousands of Shekels
The implemented storage solution is of FAS6210A type and it will serve all of Assuta's computing systems, and mainly the PACS system which executes the archiving and administration of all the tests that are executed at the medical centers. Also, it includes a prospective solution for Assuta's recovery from disaster environment. The storage volume of the system stands at 280 tera-bites, with an expansion ability of up to 3,600 tera-bites.

Taldor implemented a search mechanism for the Magna system of the Israel Securities Authority; the scope: 700,000 NIS
As part of the project Taldor developed a new site for the system, at which an advanced mechanism that will be added will enable searches for more than one million reports that were sent to Magna since its establishment. The mechanism enables intuitive searches that include an automatic search word completion field, and heterogenic search results which display summarized information from which it is possible to reach the requested information. It is based on Microsoft's dot.net 4.0 technology.

Taldor will establish an at risk youth information system for the welfare office
The system will serve for monitoring children and youth at risk at a cost of one million NIS, the system will assist staffs who deal children at all levels.

Taldor will provide computing services to the police in exchange for 140 million NIS
The contract is for a period of 22 years in which Taldor, as a subcontractor, will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of computing equipment. The contract was signed with Policity LTD, a designated company of Sikun & Binui, and G4S which will establish the project

Taldor Communications has deployed an advanced communication system at Ilex Medical
Taldor Communications has completed implementation of an advanced communication and telephony system of Alcatel-Lucent in Ilex Medical, a leader in the field of diagnostic solutions

Taldor was appointed as a Distributor of data cleansing solutions of Trilium Software in Israel
Distribution agreement with Taldor includes technical support, guidance and consulting to new and existing customers

Taldor will establish a document management and scanning system for the Jerusalem Bank
Taldor won the tender for the establishment of a document and content management system for the Jerusalem Bank as part of a project in the scope of 3 million NIS. In addition, Taldor will establish and operate the Bank's scanning and keying unit.

2. 3Base of the Taldor Group: the Cloud Project at Sharin
The new system will allow Sharin to expand its activity and market its measuring solutions to small businesses as well in the diamond field in a software model as service in an Amazon cloud.

Taldor acquires a cloud computing company from the orthodox sector
3Base company from Elad employs approximately a hundred programmers from the Orthodox sector, and is developing cloud computing and Big Data solutions. The deal is estimated at about ten million NIS

Taldor has won the excellence award for groundbreaking architectural in retail financial banking
"I believe that in 2012 we would witness more and more product-based projects, and not just because of the cost of ownership, TCO, which is significantly lower than self-development, "said Rimini, the company's CEO at the ITAwards convention 2011, which won Taldor the special award for groundbreaking architectural in retail banking sector. According to Rimini, "most of the requirements currently in the IT world of banking are for shelf products and customers learn to appreciate experience acquired from other clients"

Taldor to operate and maintain the computer systems at the Securities Authority, valued at 30 million NIS
Under the terms of the bid, Taldor will continue to operate the MAGNA system of the Securities Authority, which Taldor built in 2003 and HAS operated ever since. The agreement was entered into for five years, with an optional extension for three more years

Taldor to manage the Examinations System of the Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism, valued at 20 million NIS
Taldor will manage the examinations system of technicians and engineers trained by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Taldor will recruit and operate about 500 professional assessors who will score the examinations

Taldor Communication upgraded the data communication network at Comverse, valued at 4 million NIS
The project included replacement of hundreds of switches- of Cisco and Nortel, to Alcatel-Lucent switches, with distribution to over some 20,000 inlets. The project started at the beginning of 2010 and was completed recently

Taldor adopted "Ha'chashmonaim" School in Jaffa
As part of the adoption project of "Ha'chashmonaim" School in Neighborhood "Gimel" in south Jaffa, the IT Company donated 30 new computers and school books to the school. Taldor employees will assist in giving computer lessons to school students

Taldor Communication to upgrade the telephony system of IAI, valued at 6 million NIS
This project, expected to be completed within two years, involves the installation of Alcatel-Lucent IP telephony switchboards in IAI extensions

Taldor to provide Leumit Medical Provider, with IT services, valued at 13 million NIS
According to the agreement, Taldor will provide consultation services in the fields of software development, characterization, support and training

Taldor to market information security products of MobileTick
Taldor will distribute the "Gatekeeper" system of MobileTick- this provides physical and logical security to prevent, detect and document hazards, failures and leaks in the IT system. The system will be combined with the OSINT solution offered by the Control Command and Intelligence Division of Taldor, and, will become part of the services offered by of Taldor's Systems Division

Taldor to manage external matriculation examinations for 32 million NIS
Taldor will manage the matriculation examinations, for a period of four years, in approximately 70 examination centers throughout Israel

Taldor to create operating information system for Eilat Port, valued at 5 million NIS
The new system will enable, for the first time, to update processes and tasks in real time through hand held terminals, RFID transmitters and wireless communication

Taldor upgraded the computer system of the Israeli Firefighting Services- SHALHEVET - focal point of Mt. Carmel fire
Fire fighters handled 17,000 reports and 1,400 fire events using a command and control system developed by Taldor. The system enabled real-time centralized control of fire fighting forces, and improved efficiency under the severe conditions which emerged during the Mt. Carmel fire.

For the first time in Israel: Taldor installed Webcom's SaaS product for price proposal management at Tufin
Taldor completed recently the first assimilation of a WebSource CPQ product at Tufin, following the CRM project. The assimilation process (including data conversion and cleansing) was performed within one month

Taldor installed command and control system for waste disposal department at city of Rishon Le-Zion
The system controls and commands each movement of waste into the facility, inside and out, through RFID transmitters and GPS systems installed on waste collection trucks

Taldor to acquire control of Taldor Communications for 7 million USD
To acquire from Motorola the integration operations of company's communications products

In Israel, everyone's a manager in their own eyes
Israeli companies slow to adopt this methodology. Possibly because it does not align with the hierarchical, military style of thinking and Israeli employees do not handle blurred areas of authority very well

Taldor to relocate Motorola's telecom infrastructure to new site under NIS 19 million mega-project
Taldor Communication was chosen to establish the communication infrastructures building project at the new Motorola Israel premises in Airport City. The scope of the project, to be performed during 2010, is estimated at 19 million NIS

Taldor joins electric car trial by Better Place
Taldor announced this week that it joined a trial program for establishing recharging stations for electrical vehicles, at company sites and some employee's homes

SWOT model for human resources
Dganit Israeli, VP HR

Tips for correct outsourcing
Arie Rimini, CEO

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